Workday at Stadium Park Planting Site

December 2, 2023

Thanks to the dozen volunteers that helped perform recurring maintenance on the 40 plus planted oak saplings in Stadium Park.  The saplings have been planted over the years and as they continue to grow they need care and protection until they can thrive on their own.

The volunteers helped to weed around the saplings and apply new mulch to help retain moisture and keep any new weeds from growing.  The crew also replaced 17 small cages with new large cages to give the growing saplings more room while still protecting them from the browsing deer

Unfortunately our oak forest in Atascadero is not regenerating very well and needs our help.  ALPS plants and cares for oak seedlings and saplings at various planting sites.  The best time to plant a tree is now!

Barbara replacing the cage after weeding and mulching.

Carl pounding in the rebar to secure a new large browse cage.

Robert, Bruce, Daniel and Lucy making some happy saplings.

Cory, Barbara and John getting it done.

Jim and Deborah weeding and mulching some saplings.Meg reinstalling the browse protectin cage.

Lucy, Daniel and Robert putting on new bigger browse protection cages.

Some of the volunteers at the end of a great workday!


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