Trailside Signs

The small trailside signs provide information about specific flora, fauna and geologic formations.  Please click on the following links to view and/or download each sign:

  1. Blue Oak
  2. Chaparral
  3. Coast Live Oak
  4. Ferns
  5. Hounds Tongue (Pacific)
  6. Hummingbird Sage
  7. Manzanita
  8. Monkey Flower (Bush)
  9. Moss and Lichen
  10. Newt (Coast Range)
  11. Pitcher Sage (California)
  12. Poison Oak
  13. Rock Formation (Exposed weathering)
  14. Rock Formation (Underground fracturing and weathering)
  15. Toyon
  16. Valley Oak tree
  17. Woolly Blue Curls

Many thanks to David Buck-Moyer who proposed the idea, brainstormed designs, gathered information, and put the signs in the ground.  Thanks to Liz Moore for her skill taking thoughts and ideas and turning them into graphic designs that provide education and enjoyment.