Heilmann Grove & De Anza Trail/Wastewater Treatment Site Planting Projects

Several planting efforts have occurred at Heilmann Grove dating back to the 1990s. The early plantings can be seen near the entrance to the De Anza trail near the Wastewater Treatment Plant near the end of Garbada Road. As you walk further into the grove, subsequent plantings can be seen, from planting efforts in 2007 and 2008. This site had a severe yellow star thistle infestation early in the restoration process, and multiple rounds of treatment were required to control the yellow star. All planting sites require hand pulling of weeds within browse protection cages, and trimming weeds outside the cages with a string line trimmer. The primary plantings consisted of valley oaks, with some understory shrub plantings.

In 2012, an expansion planting effort was installed closer to the wastewater treatment facility, south of the Heilmann grove near the De Anza trail. Plantings were primarily valley oak, with some elderberry plantings. This site has suffered some losses due to rodent damage, though some trees appear to be establishing.