Interpretive Signs

Trail Map - Trailhead Kiosk

ALPS & TBOP - Trailhead Kiosk

Boulevard to the Sea - Trailhead Kiosk






Why TBOP is Unique - Meadow Kiosk

Riparian and Atascadero Creek - Meadow Kiosk Watershed Protection - Meadow Kiosk


Oak Trees - Oak Woodland Trail, East SideWoodrat Nest - Madrone Trail



Madrone Grove - Madrone Trail
North County Panorama - Top of Madrone Trail


ALPS thanks the "Interpretive Sign Committee" for their hard work coming up with the ideas for each sign, brainstorming the content, gathering volumes of information, and working with the designers and graphic artists through many revisions.  Committee members:  Ellen Beraud, David Buck-Moyer, Deb Dight, Fred Frank, Jonalee Istenes and Mike Orvis.

Many thanks to Terre Dunivant of Gaia Graphics & Associates for guiding us through the process and using her skill to take our thoughts and ideas and turn them into graphic designs that provide information and enjoyment.

Thanks to the TBOP Trail Crew volunteers that helped build the kiosks and install the pedestals and signs.