Las Lomas Planting Projects

The Las Lomas development cut down hundreds of oak trees, and impacted hundreds more, primarily blue oak trees. Several planting projects have been implemented in open spaces within and around the perimeter of Las Lomas to begin to offset the losses by encouraging regrowth of young trees. The first Las Lomas planting project consisted of a blue oak tree planting project in 2009 in the open space parcel near the playground. This planting site was very successful. In 2012, additional blue oak trees were planted along Alondra Road from a combination of acorns and container stock, and these trees are also succeeding. Valley oaks were planted in 2012 as well along Halcon and Calle Milano Roads. Access to temporary irrigation has helped with success of these planting sites. The trees are still very young but are establishing successfully. The CCC has helped with installation and subsequent weeding and mulching efforts.