Native Tree Committee Planting Projects

Atascadero Native Tree Association (ANTA), now Atascadero Native Tree Committee, has helped organize and implement planting of thousands of native trees and shrubs in the City of Atascadero. The first planting projects were volunteer efforts, and included a mixture of sites with native vegetation as well as streetside and landscape plantings. These projects were completed using all donated materials, planted by volunteers, including volunteers from organizations such as Kiwanis and Lions Club, and were completed on City land. Eventually, larger scale tree planting projects were planned and implemented using tree mitigation funds, assistance from the California Conservation Corps (CCC) and the City’s contract biologist. The intent of these larger scale plantings was to more quickly offset losses resulting from projects that paid tree mitigation fees by installing more trees more quickly. In addition, ANTA and its successor, the Atascadero Native Tree Committee, have planted trees around the City in parks to celebrate Arbor Day each year.

Planting Projects Include

Click here to download a KMZ, open in Google Earth to view our planting sites.

Click here to download the "2012 Oak Tree Restoration Planting Project - 5 Year Report".