Tree Ordinance

The City of Atascadero was incorporated in 1979. Recognizing the trees of Atascadero as a valuable natural resource, a Native Tree Ordinance was passed, and was later revised to incorporate more stringent mitigation and follow-up requirements. Mitigation options were expanded to add payment of fees into a tree fund and/or establishment of an open space easement. A higher mitigation fee was required for removal of deciduous native trees than for evergreen trees.

When in lieu fees are paid as part of a mitigation program, the fees are placed in the City Tree Fund, and are used to support tree planting efforts and related supporting restoration efforts. Atascadero Native Tree Association previously provided input regarding use of the fund, and the Native Tree Committee now fulfills this responsibility. Previous uses of the funds have included a detailed Tree Inventory to evaluate the status of Atascadero’s woodlands and urban forest, a project to grow out container stock and host a tree give-away to encourage residents to replant native trees, as well as several replanting projects on City properties and other permanently protected sites, including open space properties managed by ALPS.

A tree ordinance works best if the community is involved and working with City staff to ensure native tree resources are protected. Join us to become a more effective voice in the preservation and regeneration of our urban forest.

The Tree Ordinance is available on the City web site at: Tree Ordinance (Title 9).

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