Workday - Stadium Lane/Bill Shepard Native Garden

March 26, 2022

It was a great day to work in the garden and up in the bowl.  19 Volunteers helped with these chores:

- Weeding, mulching and adjusting browse cages on the young oak trees up the road from the bowl.

- Weeding between and trimming some of  the native plants in the garden.

- Weed-whacking the entrance to the park

- Raking the roadway and the trail through the garden

Thanks to the great volunteers that worked to make the garden look great for everyone to enjoy!

If you would like to help, please sign up on the ALPS Email List, accessible from the main menu.


Lauren and Judy receiving an ALPS T-Shirts!


Amber weeding and mulching an oak seedling!


Michael finished working on one of the small oak!


Meg and Zarah pulling some invasive thistle!


Pat going to work!


Sabrina digging in and removing weeds!


Judy, Davey and Chris working in the garden!


Jeff and Tracy working in the garden!


Deb and Deborah weeding the garden!


Clyde getting a snack and some lemonade!


Meg, Zarah, Cory and Amber admiring the work done in the garden!

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