Earth Day event at the Zoo - Party for the Planet

April 21, 2018

ALPS participated in this year's earth day celebration at the Charles Paddock Zoo.  The event dubbed "Party for the Planet" brought together many organization to team up and provide a great day of education, conservation and fun for all ages!

ALPS activities for the kids included a chance to look through a microscope and see various leaf structures, a board that let kids place plants and animals in a Tree Ecosystem, and a coloring book with information about trees and how to protect them.

We also gave away a dozen Coast Live Oak and Valley Oak tree seedlings to people that promised to plant and care for them for years to come.


Close up of leaves using a microscope!


Tree ecosystem education panels!


Coloring table and coloring book!


Thanks to Anna Stubler for creating the Tree Ecosystem display.  Thanks to Meg Perry for her enthusiasm and creativity that makes it fun for kids to learn more about the trees and animals around us.  Thanks to Deborah Stafford for providing the Coast Live Oak and Valley Oak seedlings.

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