ALPS surveys oak trees at Three Bridges

May 17, 2020

ALPS volunteers once again supported the Sudden Oak Death BLITZ.  The volunteers observed and collected leaves from various California Bay Laurel trees located within the Three Bridges Oak Preserve.  The California Bay Laurel tree is a vector for the pathogen which can then be transmitted to near by oak trees. 

San Luis Obispo County residents participate as citizen scientists by collecting leaf samples to determine if Sudden Oak Death (SOD) is in our county.  SOD is a fungus-like tree disease that has killed millions of oak and tanoak trees in all coastal California counties to the north of San Luis Obispo.

For more information about SOD, go to the LINKS page on this website.

SOD Survey Team - Meg Perry, Deb Dight, Mike Orvis and John Goers (taking picture)


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