Alondra Planting Site - 2nd Workday

November 19, 2022

The Alondra Road Planting site is covered with Blue Oak trees as partial remediation for the Las Lomas development.

A dozen volunteers performed the following maintenance:

- removed browse protection cages from the large oak trees as they are now big enough to no lnger require protection from deer browsing

- weeded, mulched and adjusted the browse protection on the smaller oak trees

We were able to complete all the work at this site to get it ready for the winter and ther upcoming rains!  Thanks to all the volunteers that came out to help, we appreciate it very much!

Removing cages and mulching around the trees.

Putting mulch around the trees to help with weed control and moisture loss.

Removing some Star Thistle and bagging it up.Volunteers getting things done!

Gathering together at the end of the day to celebrate a job well done!

Native Tree Planting - people will enjoy these trees for years to come!

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