Workday at Three Bridges Oak Preserve Trailhead

December 1, 2018

With 21 volunteers we were able to get everything on our list completed!

- Performed maintenance on 62 caged native plants (weeded, mulched, checked browse protection, installed new ID tags)

- Replaced a half dozen native plants that didn't make it through the summer and added a few new plants.

- Cleaned the creek crossing by removing water logs and piles of Sycamore leaves that were backed up against the rocks.

- Blew off the trailhead pavement and paths.

A special thanks to the Cub Scout "Webelos" from Pack 434 in Templeton.  They joined us for the workday and did a great job cleaning the debris from the creek crossing and helping with all the other tasks.

Maintenance on the native plantings!

Cleaning the creek crossing after the first big rain!

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