Three Bridges Oak Preserve - Planting Workday

November 18, 2017

As part of the trailhead construction rehabilitation plan, 28 ALPS volunteers planted 56 native plants inside the trailhead and along the entrance road.  The plantings include: Toyon, Deer Grass, Sycamore, Valley Oak, Pink Chapparral Currant, Pink Flowered Currant, California Wild Rose, Arroyo Willow, Blue Elderberry, Creeping Snowberry, Coast Live Oak and California Buckwheat.  The plants were placed in gopher cages, mulched thickly, protected with browse cages, and thoroughly watered.

ALPS has initiated an "Adopt a Plant" program where interested volunteers have stepped forward to help perform weekly watering and care of 4-5 plants.  If you would like to help, please email ALPS at:

Deborah and Carol greet volunteers and hikers!

Happy Planters!

Green side up!

Watering plants is fun!

Planting the island!

Planting along the entrance road

The water wagon - thanks to Madrone Landscapes!

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