Trail Crew - TBOP Trailhead work

May 9, 2024

The Trail Crew put in a lot of time and effort to get the trailhead ready to open.  The creek flow is slowly receding so we should be able to open the trailhead very soon.  The crew did the following work this week:

- Weed-whacked the entire trailhead inside and outside the fences

- Trimmed back brush along the path to the creek

- Installed logs to support the path along the creek just past the overpass

- Removed all the mud and debris off the pavement that accumulated from this winters rains.

Interested in helping, send an email to:

John hauling away brush trimming.

Phil weed-eating the trailhead.

Pat weed-eating the trailhead.

Greg weed-eating the path to the creek.

Bruce, Justin and Stan rolling the logs into place along the path.

Dave looking over the rebuilt pathway.

Joe removing mud from the trailhead emergency exit.

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