Planting Oak trees at the Colony Heritage Center

April 27, 2024

ALPS partnered with the Atascadero Historical Society to plant five - Coast Live oak and three - Valley oak trees at the Colony Heritage Center.  ALPS used the grant funds to purchase the trees and all the associated materials needed to plant the trees.

24 great volunteers came out to help plant the eight oak trees.  The volunteers dug the holes, installed the tree inside a gopher basket, refilled and packed the soil, built a watering basin, installed stakes to support the tree, installed the browse protection wire fencing around the outside, and then finished up by putting plenty of water on each tree.  It was a fun and gratifying day helping to regenerate our local oak forest.

ALPS received a Growing Green Communities Grant sponsored by Pacific Gas & Electric.  This grant is awarded to community-based organizations by California ReLeaf, a network of nonprofits working to green cities across California.  The grant program is designed to fund urban forest projects and encourages community-based organizations to plant trees bringing many benefits, including cleaner air, cooler temperatures, and stronger social bonding.

Volunteers ready to start planting trees!

Loosening up the soil to make it easier to dig the holes!

Digging the holes.

Digging the holes.

Building the watering basin.

Putting mulch around the trees.

Watering jugs all filled up and ready to go!

Securing the ties to support the tree.

Getting ready to pound in the stakes.

Driving in the stakes.

A couple of happy trees and happy volunteers!


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