Stewards Grove at Three Bridges Oak Preserve

January 10, 2022

Every year the employees at Madrone Landscape take on a community enhancement project.  This year that project was the creation of Stewards Grove at the Three Bridges Oak Preserve trailhead.

Madrone Landscape purchased five large Valley Oak trees and planted them among the sycamore trees south of the trailhead turn around.  They also created a log circle that can be used for groups to gather prior to or after a nice hike!

ALPS appreciates the work performed by the Madrone Landscape employees that created this beautiful grove that will be enjoyed by users for many years to come!

Pre-work tailboard meeting!

Cory Meyer providing detailed instruction on proper oak tree planting technique!

Staking the tree!

Rolling the logs into a circle!

Volunteering is fun!

Plaque recognizing everyone that plants and cares for Native Trees!

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