Workday at Three Bridges Oak Preserve

January 28, 2023

A "Great Big Thanks" to the 58 volunteers that came out to help clean up the trailhead at Three Bridges Oak Preserve.  After the recent flooding of the trailhead there was vegetaton debris all over the trailhead and surrounding fences.  The flooding ripped out some of the fence along the creek. The rushing water gouged out holes in some areas and deposited large amounts of silt and sand in other areas.  A total mess!

The hard working volunteers filled up a 40 yeard dumpster with green waste debris, piled up the trash, filled the large holes and removed a lot of silt.  At the end of the workday we were happily amazed at all the work that was completed!

 Volunteers during pre-work safety tailboard and work assignment.

Wheeling debris from under the Hwy 41 overpass.

Wheeling debris from the fence along the Horse Trailer parking area.

Dragging debris to the dumpster.

Packing the debris into the dumpster.

Debris cleanup at the entrance to the trailhead.

Cleaning debris off the fence . . . the creek flow was that high!

Cleaning up the pathway to the kiosk . . . all the DG was washed away!

Loading up the gray rock that was washed out of the drain ditch.

Removing the 8 inches of silt from around the kiosk.

Removing debris from the emergency exit.

Removing debris from under the overpass.

Clearing mud and silt from the ADA parking space.

Boy Scout Pack and Troop 51 helped with the cleanup!

A full green waste dumpster and the trash pile.



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