ALPS Volunteers help with Creek Cleanup Day!

September 21, 2019

A dozen ALPS Volunteers helped remove trash from a two (2) mile section of Atascadero Creek, from Curbaril Avenue just past Three Bridges Oak Preserve.  Other volunteers cleaned up Atascadero Creek from Curbaril Avenue eastward to the Salinas River and from the Salinas River bed.

Cleaning up our creeks and the Salinas River removes trash and debris that would eventually flow down the Salinas River and all the way to Monterey Bay and into the Pacific Ocean.

Many thanks to the City of Atascadero and the Atascadero Mutual Water Company for sponsoring the event!  They did a great job of organizing the event, providing food and drinks for the volunteers, and arranged waste removal of the trash and recyclable materials.

John Goers and Mike Orvis pull the Tribune dispenser out of Atascadero Creek!

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