Trail Crew - more work at Three Bridges trailhead

February 2, 2023

The Trail Crew continued with the cleanup and repairs at the Three Bridges Oak Preserve Trailhead.  The workday was focussed on repairing the ADA Path that was eroded and washed away during the last big rain that flooded the trailhead.  The path goes from the parking lot to the kiosk and is constructed with a wire mesh underlay topped by 4 inches of decomposed granite (DG).  This provides a hard surface.

The crew also removed more debris from along the fence line parallel to the path and performed some minor fence repairs in other areas.

Prep work around the kiosk, getting ready for new DG

Clearing brush from the fence line

Loading DG in wheelbarrows to put on the path

Laying on another layer of DG and compacting

Fence repair by the Horse Trailer parking

Bobcat loader shaping the path and bringing DG

ADA Path repairs completed

The Trail Crew at the end of the workday!

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