Lake Park Native Garden Tour

November 29, 2017

Daniel Mazawa, General Manager Madrone Landscapes, guided the tour for the Environmental Studies students from Monache High School in Porterville.  Daniel did a great job informing the students about the garden and the many native plants.  He emphasised native plants that are easy to grow and considerations for selecting plants.  He also pointed out the many features of the garden including the rainwater retention pond.  The pond catches water from the Pavilion roof, thereby keeping it within the garden available to the plants and not letting it drain to the streets and storm drains.  The students were in the area on a field trip to purchase native plants and to visit a former student attending Cal Poly.  The tour of the Lake Park Native Garden provided the students with tips to help them with planting their own native gardens back at school.

Many thanks to Madrone Landscapes for the many hours of work spearheading the native garden project and making it a showplace for our community.

For more information on the Lake Park Native Garden project, please click here

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