Trail Crew workday - Halcon Planting site - new cages

August 3, 2023

After the workday on May 6 at the Halcon Road planting site we noticed many of the trees needed bigger cages.  The trail crew came back to the site and replaced 27 small cages with bigger cages.

As the trees grow, the browse protection cages must be enlarged to protect the trees from hungry deer.  We use no-climb wire fencing material cut into 10 foot lengths which provides a cage of a little over three foot in diameter (remember your math equations . . . length divided by pi equals the diameter!).

Cory, Pat and Dave making cages.

Pat, Cory and Dave building more cages.

Justin replacing the small cages with bigger cages.

Mike, Dave, Justin and Pat looking over an oak seedling with a new cage.

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