Tree Planting - High School Median Strip

February 8, 2020

ALPS and members of the Atascadero High School Earth Club planted two Valley Oak trees and two Toyon shrubs to fill in the bare spots along the median strip by the high school.

The Earth Club members learned how to properly plant the trees and shrubs.  They dug the holes, prepped the soil with amendment, scored the the root balls, insert the plants to the proper height, watered, staked and mulched around the plants.

The Earth Club members will be responsible for proper care of the plants over the next few years until they are well established.  This include periodic watering through the dry times of the year.

The existing trees on the median were planted in 1995!

Earth Club and ALPS - a great tree planting work group!

Jim and Jack - digging the hole for the Toyon!

Morgan and Meg - planting a Valley Oak tree!

Planting the Toyons!

Planting a Valley Oak tree

Christian and Cory installing the support stakes

A planted Valley Oak tree with a long future ahead!

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