Workday at Bill Shepard Native Garden - Stadium Lane

June 10, 2023

A dozen volunteers worked hard to clean up the garden and surrounding area!

The volunteers removed all the weeds within the garden, trimmed back plants that needed it, weed-whacked the entrance and along the ALPS Trail, and cleaned the entrance sign and the kiosk signage.

It was a fun and very productive day.  When we were all done we had a chance to stand back see how nice the garden looks for all to enjoy.

Thanks to all the volunteers that came out to help . . . you are fantastic!

Barbara and Kathy

Kathy getting it done!

Cory and Deborah.

Scott, Judy and John.

John and Kathy.

Meg and Cory.

Scott hauling weeds to the pile.

Tom and the weed pile

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