Workday - Planting Oak Tree at Carmelita Site

November 20, 2021

The 15 ALPS volunteers had a really fun and productive workday!

Together we completed all our chores:

- Planted seven (7) – 5 gallon live oaks and the two (2) – 1 gallon valley oaks

- Weeded and mulched the other 33 oak trees

- Chipped debris from the large sycamore branch at the south end

- Chipped debris from the two big brush piles at the north end

- Trimmed and shaped the existing large trees

- Removed a 2' tall T-post that was sticking out of the ground near the south end

Thanks to all the volunteers that helped!  In a few decades this site will be a beautiful oak forest!

Header picture:  Deb weeding an existing Live Oak prior to putting on new mulch.


Kate and Kathy planting a Live Oak tree.

Deborah and Dave planting a Live Oak tree.

Meg and Craig planting a Live Oak tree.

Cory, John and Kelly making gopher baskets.

Peter finished planting a Valley Oak.

Jim, Clyde and Bruce chipping the debris from the fallen Sycamore branch.

Cory and Mike putting a Live Oak into place.



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