Adobe Springs 3rd Grade Field Trips

April 18, 2023

For the 6th year, ALPS hosted local 3rd grade students on docent led field trips covering subjects pertaining to their local history education.  San Benito Road Elementary attended on April 18 with 80 students.  The next day, April 19, San Gabriel and Santa Margarita Elementary Schools attended with 51 and 46 students.

The field trip includes five different stations for the kids to experience.  The five station were:

- Salinan Tribe that taught the kids about their culture and how they lived many centuries before the introduction of the european population.

- Estrada Adobe taught the kids about the San Miguel Mission outpost built in 1812 across the street from Adobe Springs and how it became owned by Pedro Estada.

- Morro Coast Audubon Society taught the kids about different birds and their life in the local area.

- SLO Beaver Brigade taught the kids about beavers, their habitat and the benefits of beavers in our rivers and streams.

- The Spring taught the kids about how a spring is created and how animals and humans need water to live and flurish.

A big thank you to all the docents and volunteers that helped make the field trips very educational and a great success!

If you are interested in helping please email ALPS at:

Salinan Tribe station

Estrada Adobe station

The Spring station

Audubon station

Beaver station

Kids making a beaver dam!



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