Watering the Native Tree sites this summer

August 26, 2022


Planting oak trees is satisfying and a lot of fun!

But the fun (and work) doesn’t stop there.  The small oaks need plenty of attention in the first three to five years of growth until they become established and can live on their own.  This includes weeding and mulching around the trees, ensuring the browse protection cage is in place and capable of repelling nibbling animals such as deer, and most important watering during the dry months.

Due to manpower shortages, the City hired contractor could not support watering this summer.  So, ALPS stepped up to help out and ensure the small oaks survive the hot summer.  ALPS acquired a 350 gallon water tote and a 12 volt water pump to aid with watering the small oak trees at the Carmelita, Three Bridges Oak Preserve, Adobe Springs, Chico Road and AHS Median planting sites.  During the hot summer months all of the young trees (about 70) must be watered every three to four weeks to ensure they stay healthy.  Depending on the size of each tree or plant, anywhere from five to fifty gallons of water are placed on each tree.  It takes about six hours to complete a watering.

New water tank and pump 

Watering young oak trees at the Carmelita Native Tree planting site. 


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