Workday - Carmelita Planting Site

May 7, 2022

Twelve volunteers had a fun and fruitful day at the Carmelita Planting Site.

The volunteers weeded and mulched the 40+ oak trees planted at the site.  By removing the weeds and adding additional mulch, the soil retains more moisture and reduces the regrowth of weeds around the base of the small oak trees.  Volunteers finished up by watering all the trees.

Thanks to all the volunteers that came out to help!  Their work is greatly appreciated!

Bruce weed-eating around the oak trees to reduce possible fire damage.

Rhys and Lauren loading a wheelbarrow with mulch!

Clyde, Judy and Michael loading wheelbarrows with mulch!

Craig dumping mulch near a young oak tree!

Deb and Clyde recaging a mulched plant, Mike weed-eating nearby!

Cory spreading mulch, Deb clearing weeds around a burned oak tree that is re-sprouting at the base!

Deborah next to a weeded, mulched, caged, watered and happy oak tree!

Michael and Meg showing off a job well done!

Rhys and Lauren watering a thirsty oak tree!

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