Workday at Adobe Springs

May 25, 2024

We had a great workday at Adobe Springs as twelve volunteers helped to weed and mulch around the small oak trees, mazanitas and elderberrys.  We also removed some of the big cages from the larger oak trees as they no longer need protection.  After a couple of hours of work and refreshments, we went for little hike to the spring.  It is an amazing sight to see the water bubbling out of the ground!

Lucy finishing up after weeding and mulching the tree.

Meg clearing away the weeds from an oak tree.

Mark putting mulch around an oak tree.

Carl doing his version of the American Gothic painting!

Robert loading the wheelbarrow with mulch.

Brent and Deb taking a break.

John trimming back the willow tree.

Maggie and Cory weeding after removing a cage.

A great group of volunteers taking it easy after a fun workday!

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