Workday - Carmelita Oak Tree planting site

March 4, 2023

Thanks to the 17 volunteers that came out to perform some needed maintenance at the Carmelita Oak Tree Planting Site.  The crew weeded and mulched the 40 oak seedling at the site.  They also replaced many of the small browse protection cages with bigger cages because the seedlings are getting bigger and need more room to continue to grow!  We also replaced one dead seedling.  Most of the oak trees are Live Oaks, but there is a hanful of Valley and Blue Oaks.

Thanks to the volunteers for a very productive and fun day outside making a difference for generations to come!

Mike and Cory making new larger cages for the growing oaks!

Zarah and Meg and other volunteers weeding and mulching the oak seedlings.

Rhys and Zarah finished planting a new oak tree!

The Crew!

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