Trail Crew - Three Bridges Oak Preserve workday

May 12, 2022

The Trail Crew met at Three Bridges Oak Preserve trailhead to perform some much needed chores:

- weed-whack the entire trailhead and entrance road, and a bad thistle area up trail

- pegged logs along the Meadow trail from the creek crossing to the meadow kiosk to better define the trail and to keep the trail from getting too wide

- trimmed the big Live Oak tree branch that overhanges the Meadow trial

ALPS is lucky to have a great crew of dedicated volunteers to help keep the Three Bridges Oak Preserve in great condition!  Thanks!

Justin coming down from Thistle Patrol along the loop trail!

Phil cleaning up dried mud off the trail head pavement!

Dave weed-whacking at the trail head!

Dave ready to go!

John weed-whacking at the trail head!

The new log barriers along the Meadow trail, Joe in the background!

Relaxing at the end of a great workday!



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