Trail Crew - trail work at TBOP

March 21, 2024

The ALPS Trail Crew volunteers performed more tread work at Three Bridges Oak Preserve on the Lookout Trail above the 1st switchback up to the 2nd switchback turn.  The crew spent a lot of time reshaping the 2nd Switchback turn to ensure rainfall runoff gets sheeted off the the trail at the turn and doesn't run down through the turn and further down the trail. 

Our goal is to improve the tread back to original specifications with a slight out-slope to shed rain off the trail.  The moisture in the soil makes for perfect conditions to work the ground and re-shape the trail.  ALPS uses hand tools to shape the dirt and then compacts the trail with a plate compactor.

Interested in helping, send an email to:

Trail Crew reshaping the 2nd Switchback turn on the Lookout Trial

2nd Switchback turn repaired

Reshaping the out-slope on the Lookout Trail

Trail after reshaping the out-slope back to specs

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