Adobe Springs workday

June 11, 2022

ALPS Volutneers (11)  came out early to beat the heat while performing needed maintenance on the planted native trees and shrubs at Adobe Springs!

- Weeded and mulched around the planted native trees and shrubs and adjusted browse protection.

- Dug out the Italian Thistle by the roots that had popped up through the paper and mulch in the weed control demonstration area.

- Filled in a sink hole on the asphalt sidewalk along Orillas Way next to the property.

- Watered the smaller native trees and shrubs to help them during the hot weather.

- Repaired areas of the smooth wired fence around the perimeter of the proptery.

Thanks to all the volunteer for a great workday!

Terry getting ready to weed and mulch a Valley Oak tree!

Judy loading mulch into a wheelbarrow!

Deborah with a Valley Oak tree after she gave it some loving care!

Meg dumping mulch around a Valley Oak tree!

Mike spreading mulch!

Ryan and boys took care of filling in the sink hole in the sidewalk!

Neighbors Nancy and Laurel made sure the crew didn't go hungry or thirsty!

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