Workday at Halcon Road Planting Site

May 6, 2023

On Saturday, May 6, a dozen volunteers came out to help ALPS perform some maintenance at the Halcon Tree Planting Site which is located at the beginning of the Las Lomas Nature Trail.  The trail starts at the corner of Halcon Road and Calle Milano.  The site is home to 30 small oak seedlings.

The volunteers removed weeds from around the base of the seedling and then put down a nice thick layer of mulch (wood chips donated by Sam's Tree Service).  The mulch helps reduce future weed growth and keeps the soil around the seedling from drying out during the summer months.  The volunteers then installed "browse cages" around all the seedlings to keep deer from browsing on the tender oak leaves.

Cory and Deb making some new cages for the larger seedlings. 

Wyatt weeding and mulching a seedling.

Tyler and Lucine laying down mulch around a seedling.

Kathy, John and Ellen getting it done!

Anne and Mike with a happy seedling!

Lucine heading back for another load of mulch.

Another happy seedling!

At the end of the day - a job well done!

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