Barriers and mulch around Garbada Road Valley Oak

July 3, 2021

Members of the ALPS – Native Tree Committee spread mulch around the beautiful large Valley Oak located on Garbada Road at the entrance to the city sewer plant and the trailhead to the Anza North trails and the Heilmann Grove planting site.

At the request of the Native Tree Committee, the City Public Works department placed log barriers around the drip line of the tree and provided multiple loads of wood chip mulch.  The barriers will prevent vehicles from driving and parking underneath the oak tree which compacts the soil.  The mulch will help retain rain water and keep the soil moist.

Compaction is one of the biggest health risks to trees and is caused by excessive traffic or activity on the soil around the root zone. This compaction or compression occurs because excessive weight can press the soil particles together very tightly reducing the pore space between them which holds vital air and water. Air and water is required for roots to take up water from the soil and allow the roots to breathe. 

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